New Year|2016

Hey Everyone! Happy New Years Eve!!
Every New Year its almost like a broken record, “New year, New Me” its so easy to make goals for the new year, but how many of you actually keep them? Its really easy to break a goal and once you fail once, its even easier to be like screw it ill start next year! I am approaching the new year differently then I ever have before. The key is making goals that aren’t so narrow, keep them broad, make resolutions that are reachable, not something like “I want to lose 20 pounds” Because the moment you eat a juicy cheeseburger your like great I failed and then you give up, because its easy! Make resolutions! Don’t look at them as goals specifically, maybe instead of I want to lose 10 pounds, your resolution should be I want to lose weight! Then make a plan, on how your going to accomplish that resolution. Don’t set yourself up for failure. This year I want to be full of positivity, love and success.

That’s it.

This last year has been a complete roller coaster, I have learned so much about myself and have grown immensely as a person. & honestly I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I learned that I can handle more then most people my age with a smile on my face and I can over come any obstacle that comes my way and looking at is as a lesson learned. I also learned that I have amazing people in my life that love me, and the people who are not in my life, there is a reason for it. I am in love with my life and so excited to start the new year with my husband!

Two resolutions I have ( I have a few more but I will just name a couple): they are probably a lot like everyone else’s new years resolutions. But I don’t have a specific goal I want to reach, just want to be more consistent in doing them.

  • Watching What I eat: Eating healthier this year is extremely important to me, I have taken multiple nutrition classes, that I know what is good to put in my body and what isn’t so good. I wouldn’t say my eating habits currently are horrible, but could definitely cut out some bad things, especially french fries (my weakness)
  • Hitting the gym more often: Once you get out of the routine of working out it is SO easy to get comfortable not going. My husband and I were doing really good we would go almost every night last year but around the holidays its gotten easier to slip out of the routine and not go. We’re like naaa we’ll go tomorrow which is something we say every night now. So for the new year I want to push myself and help motivate him to go with me as well!!


17 thoughts on “New Year|2016”

  1. Hollie, these are beautiful resolutions! I think I want to try watching what I eat and exercising but in through…I’m probably going to eat waaay more than I should hahaha ❤

    I can never quite agree with the 'New Year, New Me' policy. By the end of the year, I definitely change but that's through circumstances I might never want to be involved in again. 2015 was definitely a rollercoaster, one I wanted to get off halfway. I genuinely hope 2016 will be better.


    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin’



  2. Totally agree about resolutions. I don’t like how they are so narrow generally and things are expected to change overnight. You have really positive ideas here. I want to focus on running and swimming more this year.


  3. I never believed in waiting for New Year to make a resolution, so I will not be picking up many things for 2016, but I like to take the time to reflect on what is doing me good in my life and what isn’t. Sometimes you need a specific date for that.
    Watching what I eat is something I have been doing for a few years now, but I can use a reminder after all the holiday indulgence…

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking


    1. That’s a good idea, reflecting on what is doing good for you and what isn’t. Eating un healthy around the holidays is definitely a given haha! It’s hard to get back into healthy eating after all the holiday goodness! ❤️ Good luck to you in 2016

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