4 #girlboss Resolutions Worth Keeping

Hey Everyone

Were already half way into January we still have 11 1/2 months to be our best selves ladies! 

  1. Empower women around you
    • We are powerful. Enough with the bull shi*% of putting other women down, lets empower each other. Us as women go through so much, the last thing we need is other women putting us down. Why not encourage each other to follow our dreams, compliment each other and help each other become the best we can be. Make 2016 the year where you stop comparing yourself and instead encourage and compliment one another.
    • Think about it…We have a women running for president, we are stronger then we tend to think…
  2. Put the phone down, focus on real connections
    • I am beyond guilty of this, it’s easy to get caught up in your phone, emails, social media etc… it’s fine when your alone, but when your surrounded by friends, family and or husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend put it away, enjoy the company of who you’re around. Forget work, forget what’s going on with social media enjoy one another..it’s easy.
  3. Surround yourself with strong women
    • Find friends who encourage you to strive for more, support your dreams and have goals of their own. After all you are who you hang out with, right?
  4. Read #girlboss books
    • I recently started reading khloe kardashians book (strong looks better naked) I am only on the second chapter, but I am already so inspired by her story. She is the true definition of a #girlboss. She is the one who has inspired me to empower women more and be my best self. She is so strong and has gone through so much in her life and still holds her head high and strives to accomplish her goals. She reached for the stars never lost sight and she’s making it.
    • There are so many great books out there, to help motivate and inspire you to be your best self.



Best of Beauty | 2015

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great new years.

Once I find a product I love, I always find myself re purchasing it, and going back to it. So I just wanted to share with all of you some ( only four, because lord knows I could name 20+ more products I’ve loved in 2015) of my most Favorited products that i found myself re purchasing over and over again in 2015!  


Dolce & Gabana Light Blue is my favorite scent of ALL time and is a holy grail product for me. I have gone through 2 bottles of this since I came a crossed it two years ago, and have a back up for when the one I am using runs out. This perfume is such a clean long lasting scent that never gets old. Its the scent I wore on my wedding day so every time i have it on it just brings me back to that special day. If you’re in the market for a new perfume I highly suggest this one!

51Ldw4fDqgL._SL1200_Rimmel Stay Matte foundation: is perfection and a drug store product, not only is it amazing but it has such a great price! This product is extemly full coverage and light weight. I cant rave enough how much I love this foundation, I have gotten so many compliments on my makeup when I’ve worn this. I have combination to dry skin, so I’m usually a little hesitant when it comes to matte foundations, but this one doesn’t leave me feeling dry, as long as I have a good moisturizing primer underneath.

TLB_Forest_FlowerBurts Bee’s Tinted lip balm: is one of my most favorite lip products, I usually cant leave the house without one! Burts bee’s is really smoothing and has the perfect colors to choose from, I love them all. And they are 100% natural.


Urban Decay Setting Spray: All nighter: I feel as if a setting spray is extremly important when it comes to your makeup routine. I never leave the house without spraying my face atleast once, I love the cold feeling when I spray it on my face, and I feel as if it makes my makeup last 2X as long. I have used a lot of setting sprays throughout the years, and I keep coming back to this one. It keeps my makeup longlasting, and helps make me feel refreshed.

What are some of your favorite products from 2015? 

Why I enjoy having a Blog 


Hey everyone ! 

Honestly, I decided not to follow a strict blogging schedule in my new blog, I was going to, but then I thought to myself I work a full time job so it’s hard to stick to a schedule for blogging as well, I just want to be able to blog whenever I get some free time! Which hopefully will be about once a week. 

I wanted to kinda go over something, that some of my friends or random people ask me about sometimes, and that’s…

“why do you enjoy blogging?” 

My answer is short and straight to the point.

I am obsessed with makeup and anything beauty related. I have a pretty huge makeup collection that just continues to grow and am always interested in what’s coming out next, so Blogging about things I love such and makeup is fun and relaxing to me, I feel like having a blog helps me express myself and talk about not only makeup products I’m currently loving but things on my mind, and some of my beauty secrets…. stuff like that. 

It’s nice to know that I share the same interests as so many wonderful women out there in the blogging community. 

I don’t have a blog to make money off of it, free stuff, or care how many followers I have, because in reality all I care about is writing about something I’m passionate about, currently obsessing over and reading other blogs of girls who love the same. 

That’s it 


Is there any girls out there who feel the same ? Or get asked that question a lot ??